Just like planning for a new home or car or planning for our children and grandchildren’s education, planning for a funeral is considered to be a very practical accomplishment. Many people see pre-arrangement as an opportunity to do some advanced financial and estate planning. It also allows them to make decisions at a more thorough, relaxed pace.

Pre-arrangement may be considered for a number of reasons.

  • It is a way of expressing what type of funeral we would like and what types of wishes we have. Often just the simple listing of our personal information can be very helpful to the survivors who will be responsible for providing the final arrangements.

  • Prepaying the funeral expenses sets aside the funds necessary to provide for the funeral costs. As well there are a number of responsible tax planning and estate planning benefits to prepaying. Check with your accountant and lawyer for advice on the best options available to you.

  • The knowledge that all arrangements have been properly made gives peace of mind in knowing everything will be looked after.

  • Often those who will be responsible for making the decisions in the future live a distance away and pre-arrangement eases many of these decisions.

What can be pre-arranged?

Just about anything involved with the funeral can be pre-selected.

  • Services of a funeral home

  • Casket

  • Flowers

  • Cemetery plot

  • Grave opening costs

  • Cremation fees

  • Cremation Urn

  • Burial Vault

  • Monument

  • Funeral cards and stationary

  • Obituaries

  • Any other disbursement, merchandise item or service.



  • Many people simply leave their wishes and instructions with us. Often this is enough to provide the required information and peace of mind in knowing that the plans will be carried out.

  • Prepaying for the funeral provides the additional comfort of knowing everything has been finalized. Many items can even be guaranteed at today’s pricing.

  • There are a number of ways to prepay funeral expenses:

    • Funds can be simply put away to go toward the final costs. This can be done either in a lump sum or via some type of payment plan.

    • Payment in full can be made at Binkley’s Funeral Service. The monies are trusted with a financial institution and the interest earned remains to grow with the prepaid fund.

    • Insurance funding is an additional way that pre-arranged funerals can be funded. Usually the interest rates in these types of funds offset any inflationary costs that may be incurred. Insurance plans provide for immediate coverage when a monthly payment schedule is selected and full payment plans offer additional benefits for increased payouts.

  • Regardless of the payment method Binkley’s Funeral Service can offer advice in selecting the appropriate plan for your individual circumstances.

Pre-arrange your funeral

By completing the following form you are well on your way to taking a responsible first step in pre-arranging your funeral. Your form submission is completely confidential. However, we do not consider the completion of this form as solicitation, and we will only contact you at your request. If you wish, we can provide you with a printed copy to keep for your personal records. Please use the following form to assist in pre-arranging your wishes for a meaningful, personally selected funeral. 

The items marked with an asterisk are required items for the completion of government legal forms and should be completed in full if possible.



Personal Information

* First Name:
* Middle Names:
* Last Name:
* Address:
* Town/City:
* Province:
* Postal Code:
  Telephone Number:
  Email Address:
* Date of Birth:
* Place of Birth: 
   (Give Land Numbers 
    if Rural)
* Marital Status:
* Spouses Name:
   (Maiden name and 
    full name of wife or 
    husband’s full name)
* Occupation:
(for longest period 
    during working life)
  Social Insurance 
* Health Card 
* Father’s Full 
* Father’s Place 
   of Birth:   

   (Give Land Numbers if Rural)
* Mother’s Maiden 
* Mother’s Christian 
* Mother’s Place 
   of Birth:   
   (Give Land Numbers if Rural)


Person who will be in charge of my funeral arrangements:

Postal Code:
Telephone Number:


Will & Executor

Location of Will:
Postal Code:
Telephone Number:


Military Information

Veteran’s Service Number:
Location of Discharge Papers:


Next of Kin

Addresses, and phone numbers)
(List their spouses, addresses, and phone numbers)
(List their spouses, addresses, and phone numbers)
(List their spouses, addresses, and phone numbers)
(List their spouses, addresses, and phone numbers)
(List their spouses, addresses, and phone numbers)
Other Relatives:
(List their spouses, addresses, and phone numbers)


My Preferences

Place of Service:

      Preferred Casket:
      Name of Cemetery:
      Burial Plot Owned? Yes       No
      Grave Location

      Preferred Cremation
      Preferred Urn
      Final Urn Placement:
      (Burial, Home, Scatter,
       - Please Describe)

Monument, Marker, or Memorial:
(Type, Material and Preferred Inscription)
Pallbearers or Honorary Pallbearers:
Lodge, Society, Fraternal Organization:
(List involvement and if you would like an honor guard)
Music Selections:
Memorial Donations:
Funeral Service Card:
(Type of design, photo, and verse)
Obituary Information:

(List education and place of schooling, wedding date and place, work history and places I lived and worked, Clubs, Lodges, Hobbies, what I liked doing, significant accomplishments, Boards, Committees and community and Church involvement, etc.)


Location of Important Papers
We all collect important documents and papers. It is essential that numerous items be taken care of. The following items are not part of making funeral arrangements but the information will be very useful for your survivors. You may wish to complete the following list to provide additional assistance to them. If you do not wish to complete this portion at this time it would be helpful for you to make a list on your own at a later date.

Please complete in full including the location of each item:
Birth and Marriage Certificates:
Insurance Policies:
Bank Accounts and Account Numbers:
Stock and Bond Certificates:
Automobile Records:
Description of property owned:
(List locations and mortgage holders)
Retirement Plan and Company Benefits:
Safety Deposit Box and location of key:
Accountant and Attorney:
(List address and telephone numbers)
Credit Cards and Numbers:
Other Valuables and Benefit entitlements:
Any other information or instructions not previously listed:

Please check as many of the following as apply:
Please contact me.
Please forward me a copy of my information for my records.
Please contact me if any of my submitted information needs clarification.
File my information for future reference at Binkley’s Funeral Service (Shaunavon) Ltd. but Please do not contact me.
I would like to discuss my pre-payment options with no obligation, please contact me.

If you would prefer a printed copy of this form to complete in the privacy of your own home you may print this form by clicking here. Once you have completed the form please forward it to Binkley’s Funeral Service (Shaunavon) Ltd., P.O. Box 207, Shaunavon, SK S0N 2M0 or simply provide a copy for your family.



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