The modern practice of cremation dates back to the 19th century and is a time honored tradition in many European and Eastern cultures. Cremation is becoming more popular in Canada and the U.S. and for many it has become their personal preference.


What is Cremation?

Cremation is the process of reducing the body to bone fragments through the application of intense heat. This usually takes from two to three hours and occurs in a special type of furnace known as a cremation chamber. The remaining fragments are then processed into a finer substance and placed in a temporary container. Before the remains are returned to the family, they are usually transferred to an urn for permanent containment.

The Funeral Service Followed by Cremation

This option fits the needs of many families who prefer a more traditional type of funeral. The casket is present and an opportunity for viewing is available, followed by cremation. This preference allows the family to gather and have a time of visitation which for many people is a comforting and meaningful way to strengthen and build on their family ties. This option also allows opportunity for the community as a whole to come together and offer their support at the visitation, funeral and the luncheon which usually follows the service. After the funeral rather than a procession to the cemetery for burial, the cremation will take place and then following the cremation a public or private gathering may be arranged to complete the final placement of the cremated remains. 

The Memorial Service

The memorial service provides for many emotional and community needs just like the funeral. The memorial service is usually held after the cremation has taken place and often the cremated remains are present. When the cremated remains are present the service usually includes final placement of the cremated remains, usually at a cemetery. The memorial service also allows for an opportunity for a viewing or visitation prior to the cremation taking place. This may be open to the public or held privately for family only.

Private Service

A private service may be held when the cremation follows the funeral. In this case the private service is held to commemorate the final placement of the cremated remains. Although this type of service is available, few families will request a completely private service as the only service because some public involvement allows friends and family the opportunity to support and comfort each other.

Direct Cremation

Immediate or direct cremation can be arranged if requested. Legal requirements and crematorium regulations will require that some family member or legally authorized person identify the remains prior to the cremation.


Other Service Options

The types of services are as different as each individual person is. The psychological benefits of a funeral or memorial service are well established. The trend today is to make the service a meaningful celebration of life. The various personalization choices that are made will help those left behind to move forward in a healthy emotional way. Only our imagination will limit how we choose to express our thoughts and the type of tribute we carry out.


Many people believe that a casket is not necessary for cremation. Nothing could be farther from the truth. A casket is required if for no other reason then as a practical means of carrying our loved one to the crematorium. Casket options are as diverse as are cremation service options. They may be simple or elaborate. They may provide opportunities for viewing or simply be a container for the remains. One of the purposes of this web site is to help explain some of these options.

The only real consideration for a cremation casket is that it must be combustible. Any type of wood or cloth covered casket may be used. The material can vary from fine hardwood to hardboard, cardboard or plywood. The samples you see will help to explain the variety of caskets that are available.


lg_81C3Allendale.jpg (43824 bytes)

lg_51C3pioneer.jpg (52266 bytes)
lg_75C3endicott.jpg (53743 bytes)
lg_61C3clarion.jpg (47312 bytes)
lg_16B1BayviewBeach.jpg (38420 bytes)
lg_1601MinCardboardCont.jpg (43528 bytes)

Cremation Casket.jpg (19572 bytes)


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Rental Caskets

A rental casket is provided as an option when a visitation, viewing, or a funeral service with the casket present is selected. Following the viewing or service the cremation will take place using a cremation casket made from an inexpensive material such as hardboard, cardboard, or plywood.



Embalming will often be required as a matter of necessity for practical purposes. Embalming is needed when the body is present at the service or for extended visitation periods. Embalming is usually not required by law although some public health requirements may legally demand that embalming be completed. Circumstances vary as does the need for embalming.



To commemorate the life of the deceased several options are also available. At Binkley’s Funeral Service we are able to explain these options and assist you in making your selection. Burial in a cemetery is the most often chosen method in southwest Saskatchewan. Cemetery regulations offer many options as well. Cremated remains may be placed in an existing grave or a grave of their own. Many cemeteries have special areas for the burial of cremated remains. Cemetery placement also allows for the installation of a monument or marker of some type. A Columbarium placement is an option that although not presently available in southwest Saskatchewan can be considered in other areas. A columbarium may be located within a building or may be a free standing wall or cluster of niches. Scattering is another option that is occasionally selected. This is an option that should be carefully considered. Numerous factors must be reviewed. Scattering is final and may restrict future memorialization. Some people wish to keep the cremated remains at home. Usually this is a short term option while awaiting for the final placement. As funeral service professionals we are able to assist you in making your choice by providing you with a number of options and suggestions. The choice is yours and we have the experience to assist you in making this choice the best possible choice for your family.






The cremated remains are usually placed in some type of urn. Urn construction methods vary and can be made from a variety of materials such as bronze, acrylic, wood, ceramic, marble, granite etc. At Binkley’s Funeral Service we keep a number of each type of urn available for your selection. We are able to show you several personalization and engraving options and can explain the different sizes, styles and construction techniques. As we work with you in selecting your various options we simplify your choices by providing you with straight forward information and suggestions.



Cast Bronze
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lg_1869Majestic.jpg (111777 bytes)
lg_1869MajesticKpsk.jpg (79736 bytes)
Majestic Keepsake
lg_1841DolphinsUrn.jpg (92466 bytes)
Dolphin Collection
lg_189SMilan.jpg (21092 bytes)
lg_18D8GolfersParadise.jpg (67539 bytes)
Golfer's Paradise
lg_18D9GardenofDreams.jpg (74202 bytes)
Garden of Dreams


Acrylic Cloisonne
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lg_183KAngelicPrsncebase.jpg (45626 bytes)
Angelic Presence
lg_182RForestGreenClois.jpg (142891 bytes)
Forest Green



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lg_1809Fredericksburg.jpg (112987 bytes)
lg_1811WildRoseApplique.jpg (79669 bytes)
lg_1802ShadedOak.jpg (89795 bytes)
lg_1800Poplar.jpg (96095 bytes)
lg_182PCustomMaple.jpg (78888 bytes)
lg_183GFloraMapleMemento.jpg (85740 bytes)
lg_1842WalnutMemento.jpg (100517 bytes)
lg_18F3Providence.jpg (123731 bytes)



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lg_18B3EbonyCapsuleUrn.jpg (52366 bytes)
Ebony Marble
lg_18A1CameoBellJar.jpg (69375 bytes)
Cameo Marble



Sheet Bronze
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lg_1881TheUnity.jpg (64121 bytes)
Unity Dual Capacity
lg_182LSwirlBronzeCube.jpg (83774 bytes)
Bronze Cube
lg_1803RosebudCube.jpg (106074 bytes)
Rosebud Cube
lg_182JSwirlBronzeChest.jpg (87758 bytes)
Swirl Bronze Chest



Garden Series
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lg_183VTranquilSpringFontn.jpg (82030 bytes)
Tranquil Springs Fountain
lg_18F2StarlightArmillary.jpg (81000 bytes)
Starlight Armillary



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lg_18D5LibertyCherry.jpg (92417 bytes)
lg_189DFloralreflections.jpg (74438 bytes)
Floral Reflections 
Biodegradable Scattering Urn
lg_188YFloralRflctFrmdKpsk.jpg (140585 bytes)
Floral Reflections



Keepsakes and Jewelry
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lg_18G3_jadepinnacle.jpg (25149 bytes)
Jade Pinacle
lg_18G6_heartsong.jpg (33320 bytes)
Crystal Memento Box
lg_189KColumba.jpg (75352 bytes)
Columba Bronze
lg_189EAristocratGold.jpg (41102 bytes)
Aristocrat Gold
lg_1869Majestic.jpg (111777 bytes)
Majestic Keepsake
lg_18F5_everlastingheart.jpg (10475 bytes)
Everlasting Heart
lg_18E2_trinity.jpg (10739 bytes)
Trinity Silver
lg_18E7_radiantcross.jpg (10544 bytes)
Gold Cross
lg_18F4_unvrslribbon.jpg (12789 bytes)
Ribbon Silver

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